Fall 2020

This quirky (to put it mildly) year of 2020 continues, and even though publishing has been affected like nearly everything else, I do have a few new titles to share:

Happy Spring 2020, although perhaps the strangest spring that many of us have ever experienced. It is my sincere hope that everyone stays safe and well. Especially in this strange and chaotic time, books are essential, and I have been busy writing new titles for young readers:

New Books for Fall 2019!

From Capstone’s Shaping the United States of America series
From Abdo Publishing

New Year, New Books

February 2019

There’s no better way to celebrate 2019 than with a new selection of books, and as usual, they cover many different subjects and age levels.

I am continuing to write titles for Abdo’s Duchess Harris collection:

I also had a great time writing about self-driving cars:

I’m also continuing as compiling editor for more titles dealing with current events:

Books, Books, Books!

October 2018

Suddenly it’s fall, and I have a new crop of books coming out that were written or edited in 2018.

My newest editing project is compiling several nonfiction books for the New York Times Educational Publishing:


My latest writing projects include two titles for Mitchell Lane’s America’s Infrastructure series:

One of the most difficult books that I have ever written also came out this fall, about the school shootings in Florida in February of 2018.

More new releases include titles from Rosen on Women in Business, and from Britannica on Supply and Demand Economics:

All of these titles are available on Amazon and through other distributors. And stay tuned: I have already finished writing several new titles for 2019, with more on the way!

Spring 2018

Two more of my new titles for Spring 2018, part of the Junior Biographies From Ancient Civilizations series from Mitchell Lane.

Welcome 2018!

It’s the season for author copies, and here are three of my newest    titles for 2018, from Rosen YA:

NSTA Review of Innovators

The National Science Teachers Association has recommended my book Innovators: The Stories Behind the People Who Shaped the World, with 25 Projects. You can read their review here.

More New Titles for 2017!

Investigating Disasters: Floods, Capstone 2017 (as Elizabeth Elkins)

Investigating Disasters: Earthquakes, Capstone 2017 (as Elizabeth Elkins)

Investigating Disasters: Tornadoes, Capstone 2017 (as Elizabeth Elkins)

Investigating Disasters: Hurricanes, Capstone 2017 (as Elizabeth Elkins)

The Cotton Industry, Abdo 2017

Innovators, Nomad 2017

Real Monsters: Tasmanian Devil, Abdo 2017

Compiling Editor, At Issue: Book Banning, Greenhaven 2017

Hip Hop Music, Abdo 2017

Circus Science: Mind-Bending Circus Science, Capstone 2017

Circus Science: High-Flying Circus Science, Capstone 2017

Compiling Editor, Global Viewpoints: Extreme Weather, Greenhaven 2017

Cool Careers Without College for People Who Love to Repair Things

Cool Careers Without College for People Who Love Photography

Bit Rot: Preserving the Documents Most Important to You

Teen 411: I Am Homeless. Now What?

all from Rosen Publishing

A  very nice review of my Roaring Twenties book, from the Asheville Citizen-Times:

New for 2017!

both from Abdo Press

School Library Journal’s Series Made Simple, Fall 2016

Four of my new fall titles (The Jamestown Colony Disaster, Genghis Khan and the Building of the Mongol Empire, The Bill of Rights, and The U.S. Constitution) have received favorable reviews in SLJ’s Series Made Simple supplement for Fall 2016.


School Library Connection Review

A nice review of the Eyewitness to World War II series from The Child’s World. I wrote the Tuskegee Airmen title:

Eyewitness to World War II review


Booklist Starred Review

Two of my new titles are part of  The Child’s World series “How America Works,” which just received a starred review from Booklist. The review is for my U.S.Constitution title:

How America Works review

bill-of-rights constitution

 New Titles for Fall 2016!


Ninja Science and Samurai Science, Capstone

Genghis Khan and the Building of the Mongol Empire, Rosen

Ancient Chinese Daily Life, Rosen

Let’s Find Out! Community Economics: What Are Producers and Consumers?, Britannica Educational Publishing

Let’s Find Out! Community Economics: What Are Jobs and Earnings?, Britannica Educational Publishing


Cheer Tryouts and Training, Abdo

Spirit-Raising Cheers and Chants, Abdo

Cheer Skills and Drills, Abdo

Solving Real World Problems with Agricultural Engineering, Rosen

Eyewitness to The Tuskegee Airmen, The Child’s World

Missions of the US Air Force Combat Controllers, The Child’s World

Missions of the US Army Rangers, The Child’s World

Inquire and Investigate: The Great Depression, Nomad


Mighty Military Ships, Abdo

Blake Shelton, Abdo

Supporting the Elderly Through Service Learning, Rosen

Inquire and Investigate: Civic Unrest, Nomad

Buffalo Bill Cody: Fact or Fiction?, Mitchell Lane

Rixton, Mitchell Lane

World War II Espionage, Abdo

Gluten-Free and Other Special Diets, Abdo

Working as a Plumber in Your Community, Rosen

Your Legal Rights as an Immigrant, Rosen


    The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906Cherry Lake Publishing

    The California Gold RushCherry Lake Publishing

    Understanding Palestine TodayMitchell Lake Publishers

     Inquire and Investigate: The Roaring Twenties, Nomad Press

     Essential Events: D Day, Abdo

     Vo-Tech Careers: Human Services, Rosen

     True Survival Stories: Accidents and Crashes, Lerner

     True Survival Stories: Natural Disasters, Lerner

     The Science of Motorcycle Racing, Capstone

     Digital Career Building Using Digital Art and Animation Tools, Rosen

     Health Careers in Two Years: Physical Therapy,Rosen 


     Careers for Teens Who Like to Write, Rosen

     History Perspectives: Bunker Hill, Cherry Lake

     History Perspectives: Titanic, Cherry Lake

     Banned Books, Abdo

     Countries of the World: Greece, Abdo

     Countries of the World: Spain, Abdo

     Military Special Ops, 4 titles

     Celebrity Bios: Booboo Stewart, Lerner


   Celebrity Bios: One Direction, Lerner
   Technology Pioneers: Netflix, 
   Technology Pioneers: Steve Jobs,
   Lifeline Biographies: Suzanne Collins, 
    Supreme Court Decisions: Tinker vs Des Moines, Abdo
   Contemporary Biographies: Justin Timberlake, 
    Unsolved Mysteries: D.B. Cooper, 

Essential Events: The Capture and Killing of Osama bin Laden, Abdo
Essential Events: The Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami, 
Essential Events: The Three Mile Island Accident, 
Essential Events: The Chilean Miners Rescue, 
African Americans in the Military, 
Mason Crest
History Digs: Colonization and Settlement, 
Cherry Lake Publishing
Essential Lives: Mark Zuckerberg, 
Essential Events: The Oregon Trail, 
Essential Events: Women’s Suffrage, 
Essential Events: The Chernobyl Disaster, 

The Cocoanut Grove Tragedy, Apprentice Shop Books

Women of the Empire State and Women of the Prairie State (contributing

          author)Apprentice Shop Books
How to Break Into Entertainment, 
Essential Lives: Social Networking Creators, 
Essential Issues: Natural Disasters, 


 How to Critique Stephen King, Abdo
 Essential Events: Tiananmen Square Protests, 
 Essential Issues: The Role of Women in Religion, 
 Our Amazing States, 16 titles, 
Rosen Publishing 

Essential Issues: Poverty, 

Our Amazing States, six titles, Rosen Publishing

Essential Viewpoints: Cosmetic Surgery, Abdo 


Essential Viewpoints: Marketing to Children, Abdo 


Essential Viewpoints: Obesity and Food Policing, Abdo

Essential Events: The 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, Abdo

Presidents of the United States: Revolution and the New Nation, Weigl


Building History: The National Mall, 
Lucent Books
Building History: The International Space Station, 
Lucent Books

Building History: The Chunnel, 
Lucent Books 
Building History: A Nuclear Power Plant, 
Lucent Books
Building History: The Empire State Building, 
Lucent Books


Building History: The Canals of Venice, 
Lucent Books

Building History: The Hoover Dam, 
Lucent Books
Building History: The Holy City of Jerusalem, 
Lucent Books
Insect Musicians, LLI Books/Heinemann
Sometimes the Dead Can Speak, LLI Books/Heinemann

Celebrating nonfiction books for young readers